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The only piece of software you need to optimize your high complex clinical trial projects

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Build up advanced trial structures in minutes and get started.


Get amazed by an easy-to-use interface designed for users.


Track responsibilities audit-proof with role-based access.

Powerful KPIs

Gain real-time visibility of performance metrics in one place.

Budget Calculation

AI-powered calculation of reliable study budgets

Utilize the automatic calculation of budgets based on key parameters such as the number of patients, sites and study duration.

Maintain your service portfolio and analyze different scenarios through simple adjustment to identify trends and risks.

The AI-powered analysis of historical budgets and real-time data from running study projects derive recommendations on the optimal use of resources and unit-based costs.

A window with the heading Optimization Score and the individual areas with percentages below it, as well as a calculation window with changeable variables.
The budget module from the project dashboard is displayed with the individual tasks, departments, expenses, forecast values and status in their phases

Cost Management

Establish a single source of truth for financial data

Manage every financial aspect through a holistic view on the project budget. Get full control over internal spendings and external costs to make informed financial decisions.

Drive project profitability through real-time reconciliation between budgets and expenses to identify areas where you can reduce costs, optimize spendings and make informed financial decisions.

Detailed reports break down costs to uncover financial trends and get insights through data collected in Trialytix you otherwise would never be able to gather.

Project & Task Handling

Overview everything and be prepared for anything

Always know the state of your project by managing project phases and allocated tasks with their timelines, due dates, time budget burndown and completion status.

Achieve more transparency and operational excellence through an accurate view on the utilization of departments and employees.

Assign responsibilities on tasks and monitor progress and forcasts, so you stay informed about what needs your attention upfront to drive better performance.

Notifications with task end date, task assignment phase end and task budget overrun are displayed as pop-ups. In the background are the tasks of a project with their departments, time frame, time progress, booked hours and status.
The project dashboard shows the accounting module here. Incoming invoices are displayed as a bar chart and explicitly below with invoice date and amount.


Gain deep insights on every project based cash-flow

Take control of your liquidity at project as well as on company level to gain the insights you need to make better, more future-proof financial decisions.

Streamline the tracking of all invoices to create financial awareness about how paid and outstanding invoices affect your project budget.

Improve cash flow processing and monitor the payment status of partial payments, overdue and cancelled invoices.

"With Trialytix it feels like a group of 20 analysts are constantly supporting your work in order to increase your efficiency and empower your decisions."

Various diagrams and graphics representing the data analysis can be seen.

More out-of-the-box features of Trialytix:

Our vision is to provide the clinical trial industry with an easy-to-use software solution. But you don’t buy a piece of software - you buy transparency, better decisions, cost savings, efficiency and culture. What drives us is making a simplified trial controlling accessible for everyone, so you can focus on what’s important – groundbreaking research.

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Industry Specifics

Trialytix includes unique solutions to face industry-specific challenges that impact the entire project lifecycle to perform advanced clinical trials.

Real-Time Recruitment Costs

Obtain real-time analytics of costs per patient and site, including trends over time.

A graph showing the recruitment costs in the form of the number of patients and the associated expenditure. Next to it is the recruitment status with 142/200 patients and 16/20 sites
A bar and column chart with different colors.

Montior Pass-Through-Costs

Stay on top of payments and track the status of their charging on as a pass-through cost.

Taylor your Billing Procedures

Use invoicing schemes, whether you run payment schedules, unit based paments or time and material.

A pie chart and the different billing procedures
Different colored graphs representing individual countries.

Split into Cost Categories

Cluster costs by topics such as subcontractors and freelancers, fees, or countries.

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