All-in-One Budget Controlling Software for Clinical Trials

Trialytix is the first software that covers all essential budget and cost operations of your clinical trial project.

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Trialytix empowers you to orchestrate every stage of a clinical trial lifecycle - from the first budget draft to the completion of groundbreaking research projects.


AI-powered clinical trial budget calculation

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Budget and cost controlling of clinical trial projects

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Project Oversight

Monitoring of study phases and related tasks

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Tracking of all study-related payments and invoices

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Budget Controlling

Stay on top of project financials

Trialytix connects every cost and cashflow related data and provides you with all the capabilities you need to gain deep financial insights through your clinical trial projects.

Expenditures and project budget are shown in a graph. The external costs, the project budget and the pass-through costs are shown in figures next to it.
A scale, a bar chart, a pie chart and a silhouette are connected to a person on a laptop via a line as a symbolic illustration

Decision Making

Make Data-driven Decisions

Trialytix is dedicated to make difficult decisions simple. Get access to all relevant information at any time and let valid data be the foundation for cost-effective trials.

Digital Transformation

Forget about Excel

Say goodbye to your excel sheets and welcome the most impactful software solution to drive digital transformation for your clinical trial handling and cost operations.

A table with green-marked cells that contain no entries and 3 pictures of people with gray placeholders for names

Trialytix provides industry-specific solutions tailored for life science companies of any size from startup to market leader.

Pharma & Biotechs

Streamline operations for your internal teams and keep track on the state of external subcontractor costs.

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Academic Research

Include all funding sources and expenditures to obtain a predictive overview on the usage of your budget.

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Deliver profitable projects through a holistic view on task progress, invoicing status and reached milestones.

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More than a Software

Our team supports you during implementation and roll-out to help you optimise the management of your study projects and to create a cost-conscious culture across your organisation.


Introduction through individual coachings for power users, departments and teams


Implementation of interfaces to applications from your existing software landscape


Customization of the software tailored to your needs and requirements

Data Integration

Data integration of existing projects together with our experts for a smooth kick off

Revolutionize your Clinical Trial Controlling

Handle even the most complex and dynamic clinical trials efficiently with our easy-to-use technology. It’s time to make a simplified clinical trial controlling accessible for everyone, so you can focus on what’s important – groundbreaking research.

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