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Pharma & Biotechs

Centralize all financial operations and obtain full transparency on expenditures and payments.

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Academic Research

Create financial awareness across your organization and never overrun budgets again.

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Clinical Research Organisations

Drive performance with a comprehensive view of profitability across departments and projects.

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Pharma & Biotechs

Solving today’s challenges for Pharma & Biotech companies requires modern approaches, as poor operations and budget uncertainties can cause delays throughout the entire study lifecycle.

Transforming their operations and leveraging new technologies are critical to stay ahead and face the increasing complexity of clinical trial projects. Trialytix provides Pharma and Biotech operators with such a technology solution to streamline internal procedures of teams and manage external provider driving both transparency and cost efficiency improvements. Cover budget allocations through budget-phasing processes and track the overall budget burndown to forecast how planned actions affect your available budget. Be prepared to conduct complex international clinical trials powered by clustering of countries and tracking of subcontractor costs. Trialytix as an all-in-one budget controlling solution enables you with all the capabilities needed to improve your core budget management to achieve better performance.

Core Benefits
Budget BurndownTask AssignmentsExternal CostsBudget Phasing Department UtilizationProject Phases
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Academic Research

Academic research institutions require a strategic partner that understands the business inside out and delivers an easy-to-use and reliable software solution that gives them full control over all financial operations of their clinical trial projects.

Trialytix helps Academic Research institutions to monitor, analyze and manage all financial aspects of a clinical trial project. Identify areas where you can reduce costs, optimize spendings and make informed financial decisions – so you never overrun a budget again. Ensure your funding covers increasing costs throughout the study lifecycle by using predictive forecast analysis. Stay on top of payments from any external cost type to create financial awareness about how paid and outstanding invoices affect your project budget. Trialytix is your dedicated home for all your essential controlling operations to meet the challenge of any complex clinical trial project with confidence.

Core Benefits
Budget CoverageForecast MetricsExpense TrackingRisk Assessment Invoice Status

Clinical Research Organisations

CROs are facing unique operational challenges when conducting clinical trials to keep studies on schedule and meet the recruitment targets. But budget constraints will not be one of them from now on.

Excellent operations and cost efficiency are of the utmost importance in order to succeed in the clinical research market and beat out the competition. Handle and manage flexible offer versions and benefit from a holistic picture of your responsibilities. Track the task progress so you always keep the schedule and never overdue a budget anymore. Be always aware of your liquidity by monitoring all project related cashflows covering the payments of incoming invoices but also your revenue based on your billing. Uncover where you earn the revenue, which further costs accrue and how profitable your projects are. Drill into the numbers and overview the health of projects to spot what needs your attention upfront.

Core Benefits
Offer VersionsProfit MarginPass-Through-CostsBilling ProceduresCost CategoriesRevenue Tracking
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